Product Overview
Springs are crucial components in most of our everyday devices. With applications ranging from ON/OFF push buttons to disk drives, from clocks and toys up to automotive parts, springs play an essential role in the proper functioning of most of our hardware.
HJ Spring has been supplying springs to a wide range of industries for applications big and small. The chart below illustrates where our springs are used.
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we produce.
We at HJ Spring know that well-designed and manufactured springs are essential to product quality. Our highly-qualified in-house team of engineers uses the latest design software to deliver superior product with the fastest turnaround time.
Spring Pins, Washers, Retaining Rings (Custom/Standard) Wire Forms Tension Spring Council Springs, Battery Springs, Oil Seals Springs
Torsion Spring Strip Products- Flat Springs & Strip Products Torsion Spring Compression Spring
Material Symbol JIS NO. Applications
Normal use Well-conductive Corrosion-resistant Heat-resistant Fatigue-resistant
Spring Steel SUP JIS G 4801 O        
Hard Drawn Wire SWB
JIS G 3521 O        
Music Wire SWP-A
JIS G 3522 O       O
Stainless Steel Wire SUS-304 JIS G 4314 O   O O  
SUS-316     O O  
SUS-631 J1     O O O
Nickel-plated Steel Wire SW-ND-C JIS G 4314   O      
Phosphor Bronze Wires C5191W-H JIS H 3270   O      
Oil Tempered Chromium Silicon Alloy Steel SWOSC-V JIS G 3561       O O
Oil Tempered Wire for Mechanical Springs SWOSC-B JIS G 3560 O       O
Carbon Tool Steel SK JIS G 4401 O        
Carbon Steels for Machine Structural Use S-C JIS G 4501 O        
Berylliumery Wire C1720W-H JIS H 3270   O O O O
Preferred Wire Diameters
Material size
Hard Drawn wire
Music wire
Stainless steel wire
Steel wire
O   O  
7.00 O   O  
6.50 O O O  
6.00 O O O  
5.50 O O O  
5.00 O O O  
O O O  
4.20 O O O  
O O O  
O O O  
3.50 O O O  
3.20 O O O  
3.00 O O O  
2.80 O O O  
2.60 O O O  
2.50 O O O  
2.40 O O O  
O O O  
2.20 O O O  
2.00 O O O  
1.80 O O O  
1.70 O O O  
1.60 O O O  
1.50 O O O  
1.40 O O O  
1.30 O O O  
1.20 O O O O
1.10 O O O  
1.00 O O O O
0.90 O O O O
0.85 O O O  
0.80 O O O O
0.75 O O O  
0.65 O O O O
0.60 O O O O
0.55 O O O O
0.50 O O O O
0.45 O O O O
0.40 O O O O
0.38 O O O  
0.35 O O O O
0.32 O O O  
0.30 O O O O
0.28 O O O  
0.26 O O O  
0.25 O O O  
0.23 O O O  
0.21 O O O  
0.20 O O O  
0.18   O O  
0.16   O O  
0.15   O O  
0.14   O O  
0.13   O O  
0.12   O O  
0.11   O O  
0.10   O O